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Harvard Grad Threatens To Stab Those Who Say 'All Lives Matter' in Viral Video

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

A recent Harvard graduate in a TikTok video stated that she was going to “stab” anyone who said that “all lives matter.” 

Claira Janover, who graduated from Harvard in May with a degree in government and psychology, posted the disturbing video on June 5 to her TikTok account under the username @cjanover. The clip went viral with over 24,000 views, more than 2,900 likes, and close to 1,600 comments. 

"I'ma stab you," Janover said in the video to those who have the "sheer nerve" to say that "all lives matter." 

“I’ma stab you, and while you’re struggling and bleeding out, I’ma show you my paper cut and say, ‘My cut matters too,'” she said. 

She wrote under the video, “For legal reasons this is a joke.” 

Many on social media don’t seem to be laughing and have condemned Janover for the disgusting comments. 

Turning Point founder Charlie Kirk wrote on Twitter, “Why did Harvard kick out students who told stupid jokes when they were kids but not people like this girl who call for violence against people who say ‘All Lives Matter.'”

“She’s just a weak human being, mentally ill and can’t handle her emotions,” wrote Fox News contributor Sara A. Carter. “She probably needs some serious therapy before she hurts herself or someone else.”

Instead of admitting she was wrong, Janover has kept her followers updated with subsequent videos of what actions conservatives have taken against her. In one of these updates, she went through the negative comments, poking fun at those who had been offended by her radical TikTok. 

“‘All lives matter born and unborn, except now maybe yours,’” she said in a mocking tone reading one critic’s tweet in a video.  

“Storytime for why the Department of Homeland might be monitoring my name right now,” she said in one of her most recent posts. 

Harvard President Lawerence S. Bacow wrote a letter to the Harvard community titled “What I believe,” urging the community to fight against racism to build a better America. 

“I believe that all of us, liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican, whatever our race or ethnicity, want a better life for our children,” he wrote.  

Janover’s actions do not seem to align with the message that Bacow was encouraging those at Harvard to follow. 

According to her LinkedIn, Janover currently works as a business analyst for Deloitte and as a teacher for the Princeton Learning Experience. She previously volunteered at Planned Parenthood of Southern New England. 

Harvard has yet to comment on the video. 

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