Rick Scott Cautions Future Democrat Leadership After They Block Tim Scott's Police Reform Bill

Posted: Jun 26, 2020 2:00 PM
Rick Scott Cautions Future Democrat Leadership After They Block Tim Scott's Police Reform Bill

Source: AP Photo/ Chris O'Meara

“All they want is power,” said Sen. Rick Scott (FL) referring to Senate Democrats in an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt on Friday morning.

Scott sat down with Hugh to discuss issues like the Democrats refusing to accept the Republicans' police reform bill, and what a Joe Biden presidency would mean for Republicans and America.

“They don’t care about - they don’t care about solving problems,” Scott said.  “Look at Tim Scott’s law enforcement bill. I mean, they didn’t want to even have a conversation about it, because oh, gosh, we might pass a bill and then the Republicans might get some credit for it.”

On Wednesday Senate Democrats blocked a police reform bill spearheaded by Sen. Tim Scott (S.C), the only black GOP senator, even after he offered 20 amendments. 

The Florida senator made it clear he does not believe the polls that have President Trump trailing Biden, as he has had his own experiences with inaccurate polling. 

“First off, you go back and look at the polls in my races...none of the other polls ever said I was going to win,” he said.  “All the polls were generally off four to seven points.”

However, Scott did caution that a Biden presidency would be dangerous, as the former VP had been a known enabler of the damaging socialist regimes in both Cuba and Venezuela.

With the presence of forces like Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) harnessing quite a following over the past few years, the 2020 Democrat platform has shifted to borderline socialism. With recent uprisings across the United States, Americans are getting a taste of what a Democrat-controlled America could look like. 

"I’m fighting for the future of this country," he said. "I know that we need to have Trump win, we need to have a Republican Senate so we don’t get all these crazy things that the Democrats want to do that will be bad for our families long-term."

Scott also talked about the controversy over censorship of conservatives on social media, as sites like Twitter and Facebook have been flagging President Trump’s online commentary to their users. 

On Tuesday Twitter labeled a Trump tweet abusive, as he threatened using force against those trying to create an Autonomous Zone in Washington, D.C.