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Captured Hamas Terrorist Reveals That Iran is Preparing Them for War With Israel

A Hamas terrorist captured by the Shin Bet security agency and Israeli Police revealed that Iran has been preparing Hamas to attack Israel.

The terrorist, 21-year-old Ibrahim Adel Shehadeh Shaer, said that Iran is giving Hamas military aid:


Shaer said that Iran was sending money, advanced weapons and electronic equipment to the Gaza Strip including devices to disrupt radio frequencies meant to help down Israeli UAVs above the Gaza Strip. He also claimed that Iran had trained Hamas operatives in paragliding with the goal of infiltrating Israel.

A little more information on this:

Verifying the partnership between Iran and Hamas, Shaer confirmed that Iran supports the terrorist group’s military infrastructure. He said Iran transfers funds, advanced weaponry and electronic equipment to Hamas, and has trained Hamas operatives to infiltrate Israeli territory and airspace.

Shaer said Hamas was using materials brought to Gaza for reconstruction and rehabilitation to rebuild terror infrastructure and execute terrorist activities, and that Hamas leaders ordered operatives to use homes for weapon storage, including his own home.

The Hamas operative also revealed that a road that Hamas had been building near the border fence was going to be used for a surprise attack against Israel and that Hamas leaders stored weaponry in civilian homes because otherwise Israel would attack storage areas meant solely for weapons.


None of this is surprising and it confirms a lot of what we know about Hamas and their relationship with Iran, but what is disturbing about this is that Iran is clearly preparing Hamas for another attack with Israel as Obama gives them a deal that gives them $150 billion that would certainly be used to aid Hamas in another attack against Israel.

There should not be any negotiations with Iran so long as they support terrorist groups like Hamas.

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