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Shady: Hillary Super PAC Filled with Dark Money

A pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC received money from a pro-Democrat super PAC financed by dark money groups, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

The Free Beacon breaks down the details:


Fair Share Action (FSA) donated $1 million to pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA Action in late June, one of eight million-dollar contributions the pro-Clinton group has received so far this year from various sources.

FSA also gave $5,000 to another pro-Clinton super PAC in April.

The source of FSA’s money is nearly impossible to trace. It’s received just two contributions this year: $300,000 from Fair Share Inc., its 501(c)(4) dark money affiliate, and $800,000 from another dark money group called Environment America.

The Free Beacon has done previous research on these groups. First, Fair Share Action:

Fair Share Action is an affiliate of two other organizations: the 501(c)(4) Fair Share Alliance, and the 501(c)(3) Fair Share Alliance Education Fund. The Alliance, known until 2012 as Progressive Future, is among 180 liberal organizations supported by the Democracy Alliance.

Like its Super PAC affiliate, the Fair Share Alliance has worked extensively with Work for Progress, paying the firm $1.37 million between July 2012 and June 2013, according to its most recent Internal Revenue Service filing.

Work for Progress had some of its staffers discussing committing voter fraud in a video released by James O' Keefe. Two of their staffers faced charges of registering ineligible voters, with one having the charges dropped and the other not showing up to court, making him a fugitive.


Here are a few groups that Fair Share Alliance has received funds from in the past:

Fair Share Action has received funds from just four groups during the 2014 cycle: $500,000 from its Fair Share Alliance affiliate; $500,000 from the political arm of the National Education Association teachers union, whose executive director chairs DA’s board; $125,000 from the America Votes Action Fund, a member of DA’s core “aligned network” portfolio; and $10,000 from the DA-supported House Majority PAC.

It received additional DA support in 2012, when millionaire tech tycoon and Democracy Alliance co-founder Tim Gill gave the group $250,000. His Gill Action Fund chipped in another $218,000.

Environment America also gave Fair Share America six-figure donations that year as well.

What is known about these two groups is that they a part of the Democracy Alliance network. Democracy Alliance is a George Soros-funded group that is filled with progressive activists and high-level Democrat office holders. They are extremely secretive:

It staffs its invitation-only confabs with private security who, along with attendees, receives pictures of reporters who might poke around. No one speaks to the press, and enterprising journalists who get too close are physically escorted out.


Their goal is to elect Hillary Clinton, move her leftward and eventually implement severe limits on campaign finance spending. The Federalist shows that Britain and Canada have strict campaign spending limits, and the public in each country is now very apathetic to what their government does because their ability to influence elections is very limited. And as a result, the political establishments in both countries feature corruption, and their political parties tend to implement progressive policies. Imagine that.

Hillary has actually declined to speak to Democracy Alliance in the past. She has also spoken out against dark money.

While by law Hillary is not supposed to coordinate with her Super PAC, in order for her to remain consistent it would be wise for her to put her money where her mouth is and speak against the dark money her PAC is receiving. Don't hold your breath though.

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