BREAKING: Terror Attack In Paris Leaves Roughly 160 Dead

Posted: Nov 13, 2015 4:35 PM
BREAKING: Terror Attack In Paris Leaves Roughly 160 Dead

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Two explosions at a bar near Stade de France and a shootout at the Cambodge restaurant in Paris has left 18 people dead and seven people wounded.

President Francois Hollande was in attendance at the France-Germany friendly football match at the time of the explosions. He has since been removed from the stadium. 

It is not clear yet whether the incidents are related and authorities have not yet linked the attacks to terrorism.

UPDATE: It appears there is now a hostage situation at the Bataclan Concert Hall, Agence France-Presse reports. Up to 60 people are being held captive. 

UPDATE II: Fox News reports that 18 people have died at the concert hall, raising the death toll to 26.

UPDATE (Matt): UK Prime Minister expresses his shock over this horrendous attack: 

A Vine user has uploaded what appears to be video of one of the explosions during the France-Germany match. Notice the football players stop playing.

UPDATE (Matt): Gunmen allegedly shouted "Allah Akbar" before opening fire. Commentary’s Noah Rothman said deputy mayor of Paris speculates that this could be the worst terror attack in the city’s history. People taken hostage has jumped to 100 people.

UPDATE (Matt): U.S. security officials believe this was a coordinated attack.

UPDATE (Matt): Death toll has reportedly surged to 35-40, with two to three heavily armed shooters engaging police.

UPDATE (Matt): Stadium participants being being ushered into the field, as situation develops.

UPDATE (Matt) : Police apparently confirm that explosions were suicide bombings. Footage reportedly showing the attackers engaging with police and the bombing featured below. Shooting footage is audio only. 

UPDATE (Matt):French BFMTV reports that at least 60 have died, with another reported shooting at the Les Halles shopping mall.

Update (Matt): French President Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency, closing the country's borders. Hollande that France needs to be strong. What the terrorists want is for us to be scared. In the face of terror, we have to be united. French citizens, we haven’t finished the operations in Paris – some are difficult calls that have to be made. Please have faith in our security forces to protect us from terror. Long live the Republic, and long live France.

Update (Leah): Multiple explosions heard inside hall. Police are reportedly storming the place. 

Update: The military has deployed.

Update: Two attackers were killed, the carnage at the concert hall is over, police confirm to Fox News. At least one person is reportedly in custody. 

Update: The U.S. band playing in Bataclan posted the following statement on Facebook:

We are still currently trying to determine the safety and whereabouts of all our band and crew. Our thoughts are with all of the people involved in this tragic situation.

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Update: One of the attackers arrested reportedly said he was Syrian, he was there with two others, they were recruited by ISIS, and that this was an ISIS operation. 

Update: The death toll has climbed to roughly 140 people. 

Update: The Associated Press is reporting that five attackers may now dead. 

Update: Four police officers were reportedly killed in the raid.

Update: According to French officials, there are still gunmen at large. 

Update: According to the Associated Press, the hostage-takers at the concert hall blew themselves up with suicide belts as police closed in.

Update: Of course ISIS social media accounts are celebrating the attacks.

Update: Maybe there aren't gunmen at large after all: