Question: Is President Obama the “Most anti-Woman President Ever”?

Posted: Jul 09, 2014 5:35 PM
Question: Is President Obama the “Most anti-Woman President Ever”?

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It’s a claim that New York Times bestselling author Katie Pavlich makes in her brand new book, “Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women,” and one that many readers may vehemently disagree with. After all, as she herself asks, is it really fair to say President Obama is more misogynistic than, say, Presidents Woodrow Wilson, John F. Kennedy, and Bill Clinton?

Well, in short, the answer is ‘yes.’ From Chapter 8:

Folks, hear me out.

For starters, Woodrow Wilson never pretended to be the president of American women. Kennedy and Clinton did not rely single-handedly on the women’s vote to cling to office or craft almost all of their policies to manipulate women into thinking they were on the verge of being handcuffed to their kitchen sinks and forced to churn out baby after baby without access to birth control. That’s what Barack Obama wants every woman to think. That he is the only thing stopping a Republican steamrolling of women’s rights that starts with stealing their condoms and ends in a national campaign to get women out of the workforce and into the home.

I’ll spell it out plainly as I can: Obama is the worst president for women because he has systemically lied to them. He has brazenly campaigned as their champion, even as he seeks to make them wards of the state, forever dependent on government largesse in the form of food stamps and free birth control. He’s claimed to work for their best interests, and yet screwed them at every opportunity. (Unlike with Kennedy and Clinton, that word is not to be taken literally.) Even Mitt Romney has figured it out. As he told me, “If there has been an administration which has been hard on women, it’s this one.” In the Obama worldview, women aren’t human beings capable of charting their own destiny at home or the workplace just as men are, they are dependents in desperate need of government handouts and abortions.

So I say again. Barack Obama is the most anti-women president in American history. Still sounds shocking, doesn’t it?

Of course it does. But Pavlich goes even further, dedicating an entire chapter in her book to defending the charge, providing both anecdotal and empirical evidence to back her claims. From the “testosterone-fueled boys club” of the White House (that, incidentally, still pays women less than men!) to the deliberate targeting and persecution of women tea party activists by the IRS, the Obama administration has an awful track record when it comes to "women’s issues."

So, my friends, to better understand how the Left -- i.e., not conservatives -- are waging a “War on Women,’ pick up a copy of her book today. You'll be glad you did.