Gov. Christie Travels to GA, Stumps for Nathan Deal

Posted: Oct 17, 2014 4:42 PM

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spoke to a crowd of Georgians Thursday, encouraging them to support Nathan Deal (R) in the upcoming gubernatorial election. Incumbent Deal is running against Jason Carter (D), the grandson of Jimmy Carter.

From the front steps of the City Hall in Roswell, Christie told the crowd:

The choice that’s in front of you is whether or not you’re going to go back to policies of the past, policies of higher taxes and greater spending, greater dependence on Washington, D.C., or to a state government with lower taxes, less spending, smaller government and more of the people of Georgia free to pursue their hopes and dreams in an entrepreneurial spirit without government telling them what to do. That’s what Gov. Deal stands for, and he needs you to stand for him Nov. 4.

Christie claimed he spoke on behalf of Republican governors across the country when he voiced his approval. Christie is chairman of the Republican Governors Association, a group that has infused nearly $3 million into the Deal campaign.

Challenger Carter claimed the backing showed Deal’s weak reliance and tie to “Washington politics:”

We feel like given the governor's record, and our vision for the state, and the response that we've had across the state so far, and the governor's desperation in a variety of contexts lately, that we're in a very strong position. And we're not waiting for any cavalry to come. We're going to solve the problems here in Georgia.

Considering that the former 39th president of the United States has been campaigning for Carter...that’s a pretty rich statement.

With only 17 days left until the Election Day, Deal still has a slight lead in the polls.