Trump Lawyer Left Impeachment Trial to Totally Trash the Democrats' Entire Narrative

Posted: Feb 11, 2021 4:45 PM
Trump Lawyer Left Impeachment Trial to Totally Trash the Democrats' Entire Narrative

Source: AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Editor's Note: The original post accidentally said Trump's lawyer was Doug Schoen. That is incorrect. It's David Schoen. Apologies for the error, folks. 


This trial is over. It’s done. And Donald J. Trump will not be convicted. We all knew this. The preview to this trial was showcased in the resolution Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) brought up which denounced this effort as unconstitutional. The Democrats who wish to convict Trump and bar him from running again are many, many miles shy of the 67-vote threshold. What’s odd in that vote is that Mitch McConnell, who has reportedly walked away from Trump and is supportive of Democrats’ efforts in this trial, voted in favor of dismissing the trial. If he wants to purge Trumpism from the GOP, which he reportedly said he wants to do—then this is the first step. Maybe he saw the polling that showed how the GOP is Trump’s party now. Period. 

The second vote on the constitutionality of this impeachment trial was another preview showing that Democrats are well shy of their 67-vote threshold to convict. Of course, it passed—but conviction is an entirely different animal. That’s why I couldn’t care less if Bruce Castor, one of Trump’s lawyers, had a garrulous argument against this whole circus. We’ve won. It’s over. It’s a total waste of time. Democrats won’t have the votes. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) even phoned Trump to tell him he’s going to be just fine. All this did was remind voters how Congress does nothing. It’s all show. It’s all talk, no action. And why populism is rising. This city is killing this country. 

When you know you have the votes to protect your client, you can simply walk out of the arguments to have an interview with Fox News and trash this whole exercise as an entertainment spectacle, which is exactly what David Schoen, another Trump attorney, did today (via Mediaite):

During arguments from the Democrats, Fox’s John Roberts and Sandra Smith cut away from the trial for an interview with Trump’s defense attorney, who was apparently in the Russell Rotunda instead of witnessing the case against his client. As CNN and MSNBC stuck with the ongoing trial against the former president for incitement of insurrection, Roberts kicked off the Schoen interview by asking if it was true the Trump defense team will conclude after one day of arguments instead of two.

“We will see how that goes,” Schoen said. “There is no reason for us to be out there a long time. This trial never should have happened, and if it happened, it should be as short as possible given the complete lack of evidence, and the harm that this is causing to the American people.”


Schoen denied a strategy change and said Castor was “unfairly maligned,” but he mostly hyped his legal arguments before trashing the case against Trump. He called the argument for impeachment an “entertainment package,” decried it as “offensive,” and blasted the “complete lack of due process” over the trial.

The only person who thinks there was some movement in this trial is Joe Biden, which is no shocker since his mind is being eaten by worms right now.  

Trump will emerge victorious again. No conviction. Total victory—and a meltdown from the Left to top it all off.