The COVID Deaths the Liberal Media Doesn't Like to Talk About

Posted: Jan 25, 2021 5:05 PM
The COVID Deaths the Liberal Media Doesn't Like to Talk About

Source: AP Photo/LM Otero

What about the kids? I know the media has been burning the midnight oil with COVID, masks, and other points not based on science to generate total hysteria. The medical expert community has more often acted as a mouthpiece for the Democratic National Committee. We locked down the country. We shuttered the schools. And the virus ravages the states that have kept the most draconian measures in place. Maybe that’s because COVID spreads most in households. Keeping us locked up inside is what’s killing us. It’s not bars, restaurants, or gyms. In retrospect, the mask fiasco from Dr. Anthony Fauci and others was the first sign that nobody knew what they were talking about. And when that’s the case, you can destroy people’s livelihoods for nothing. 

Right now, Fauci is saying we need to double mask. For me, I won’t do it. I already had COVID. No one is getting it from me. Yet, the one area where the experts were right centered with schools and how it was safe to reopen them months ago. 

The media propped up stories of these crybaby teachers saying how this would result in mass deaths. Schools will be sources of super spread, right? Nope. Overall, kids don’t get it and they don’t spread it. Let's say the vaccine was approved for kids under the age of 16. These kids would be in the first wave, right? Probably not. School teachers were not included if that gives any indication. In Fairfax County, Virginia, teachers complained so much that they were able to jump the line only to refuse to go back to in-class learning. 

Overall, schools that have reopened have not been sources of major spikes. The 2020 election also had a lot to do with exaggerating the risk. Also, teachers’ unions wanted an opportunity to knock the Trump administration, along with extending their summer vacation. Sorry, teachers who don’t want to go back and lean on the ‘it’s racist’ crutch should be fired. You only work nine months out of the year. I’ll just say it: teachers are lazy, their unions are evil, and this power structure must be demolished in its entirety. 

In Las Vegas, they’re rushing to re-open schools as the COVID lockdowns have led to a spike in suicides. These are the COVID deaths the media won’t talk about because it makes all their allies in the Democratic Party look bad. We have kids as young as nine years old committing suicide. The New York Times is usually a target for scrutiny here, but they did good work with this lengthy piece on Clark County setting things in motion as quickly as possible for students to return due to the mental health issues that have arisen (via NYT):

Since schools shut their doors in March, an early-warning system that monitors students’ mental health episodes has sent more than 3,100 alerts to district officials, raising alarms about suicidal thoughts, possible self-harm or cries for care. By December, 18 students had taken their own lives.

The spate of student suicides in and around Las Vegas has pushed the Clark County district, the nation’s fifth largest, toward bringing students back as quickly as possible. This month, the school board gave the green light to phase in the return of some elementary school grades and groups of struggling students even as greater Las Vegas continues to post huge numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths.


“When we started to see the uptick in children taking their lives, we knew it wasn’t just the Covid numbers we need to look at anymore,” said Jesus Jara, the Clark County superintendent.


One student left a note saying he had nothing to look forward to. The youngest student Dr. Jara has lost to suicide was 9.

“I feel responsible,” Dr. Jara said. “They’re all my kids.”


Over the summer, as President Donald J. Trump was trying to strong-arm schools into reopening, Dr. Robert R. Redfield, then the C.D.C. director, warned that a rise in adolescent suicides would be one of the “substantial public health negative consequences” of school closings. Mental health groups and researchers released reports and resources to help schools, which provide counseling and other intervention services, reach students virtually. Mental health advocacy groups warned that the student demographics at the most risk for mental health declines before the pandemic — such as Black children and L.G.B.T.Q. students — were among those most marginalized by the school closures.

But given the politically charged atmosphere this summer, many of those warnings were dismissed as scare tactics. Parents of students who have taken their lives say connecting suicide to school closings became almost taboo.

A video that Brad Hunstable made in April, two days after he buried his 12-year-old son, Hayden, in their hometown Aledo, Texas, went viral after he proclaimed, “My son died from the coronavirus.” But, he added, “not in the way you think.”

In a recent interview, Mr. Hunstable spoke of the challenges his son faced during the lockdown — he missed friends and football, and had become consumed by the video game Fortnite. He hanged himself four days before his 13th birthday.

“Strong-arm” is a ridiculous word to use, however. It was safe to reopen schools, but the political actors in this tale—teachers’ unions—were milking the crisis for all its worth. More disruption and more pain only increased the odds of Joe Biden beating Trump. And who do teachers’ unions support nonstop: Democrats. 

Now, with Trump gone and Biden serving as president, the war cry of ‘elect me and I’ll get this virus under control’ has morphed into ‘we can’t do anything for several months.’ 

It’s just another stark reminder that the Biden COVID agenda is pretty much a carbon copy of Donald Trump’s plan. In the meantime, the lockdowns continue to dole out tragic stories like these, pointing to the fact that the lockdown has hurt Americans more than COVID ever could.