Trump Inaugural Committee Raised $90 Million, The Most For A President In History

Posted: Jan 20, 2017 6:35 PM
Trump Inaugural Committee Raised $90 Million, The Most For A President In History

President Donald J. Trump’s Inaugural Committee raised a staggering $90 million for yesterday's celebration, the most raised for any president in history. Yet, they don't plan to spend all of it. Steve Kerrigan, the CEO for Obama’s inauguration, told NBC 4 Washington that he finds it hard to see how Trump will be able to spend all of the money his committee has raised for his inauguration. President Obama’s committee raised much less for his inaugurations and had plenty left over to fund a White House Easter egg roll and other events. The Trump White House says that any additional monies will be donated to charity (via NBC4):

Trump's Presidential Inaugural Committee has raised a record $90 million-plus in private donations, far more than President Barack Obama's two inaugural committees. They collected $55 million in 2009 and $43 million in 2013, and had some left over on the first go-round.

But while Trump has raised more money for his inauguration than any president in history, he's aiming to do less with it. Lead inaugural planner Tom Barrack said this week the Trump team wants to avoid a "circus-like atmosphere" in favor of a more "back to work" mindset that surrounds Trump "with the soft sensuality of the place."

Trump's committee has declined to provide details on how it's aiming to spend its hefty bankroll. Steve Kerrigan, CEO for Obama's inaugural committee in 2013 and chief of staff in 2009, said the $90 million fundraising haul looks like overkill.

"I can't imagine how they are going to spend that amount of money — and why they would even keep raising money," he said. "We planned the two largest inaugurations in the history of our country and we never spent anywhere near that."


Spokesman Boris Epshteyn said the inaugural committee is "fully focused on organizing world-class events that honor our nation's tremendous history and reach every corner of the globe." Any excess money raised will be donated to charity.