Hitting The Brakes? RNC Reportedly Halts Victory Operations For Trump

Matt Vespa
Posted: Oct 08, 2016 3:30 PM
Hitting The Brakes? RNC Reportedly Halts Victory Operations For Trump

Donald Trump has made more horrific comments about women. This time caught on a hot mic back in 2005, where the billionaire was set to make a guest appearance on a daytime soap opera. It's another setback for the Republican nominee that’s prompted wide condemnation from the party and a flurry of rescinded endorsements. Guy wrote about the graphic comments, where Trump told then-Access Hollywood co-host Billy Bush on the set of Days of Our Lives about his attempts to sleep with Bush’s colleague Nancy O'Dell, who is married.

“And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything... Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything,” Trump said. It’s a public relations nightmare on the eve of the second presidential debate, which Trump needs to win decisively. For now, the Republican National Committee has suspended all victory work for the Trump campaign (via Politico):

The Republican National Committee on Saturday appeared to at least temporarily halt the operations of some of the “Victory” program that is devoted to electing Donald Trump.

The move comes as the GOP nominee is under mounting pressure from elected Republicans to step aside after he was caught on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women.


“Please put a hold/stop on all mail projects right now. If something is in production or print it needs to stop. Will update you when to proceed,” Lauren Toomey, a staffer in the RNC’s political department, wrote in an email that was obtained by POLITICO.

These remarks are certainly indefensible. There’s simply no way to defend a man boasting about his attempts to have an adulterous affair and groping women. At the same time, for those Republicans who have endorsed Trump and are now running for the exit, it’s too late. We have a month before Election Day. Love him or hate him, we’re stuck with Trump. The best we can hope for is for Trump to listen to every word his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway says concerning damage control and give an answer to these atrocious remarks at Sunday’s debate that doesn’t try to pivot to Bill Clinton or anything else. He needs to be contrite, own the remarks, truly apologize for it, and it has to be heartfelt.