Fears Of Terrorism And More Gun Control Fuel Another Record Month For Gun Sales

Posted: May 05, 2016 8:59 AM
Fears Of Terrorism And More Gun Control Fuel Another Record Month For Gun Sales

Washington D.C. is projected to open its first gun store and indoor range. Now, we have news that April was the 12th month in a row for record-breaking gun sales. As usual, fears over more gun control and terrorism have fueled Americans’ drive to exercise their Second Amendment rights (via WFB):

This April saw the most gun-related background checks of any April on record, making it the 12th month in a row to achieve a high water mark for gun sales.

The FBI ran 2,145,865 checks through the National Instant Background Check System last month, according to the agency’s records. That represents more than a 400,000 increase over the previous record set in April 2014. Though the numbers represent the best April on record, the month also saw the fewest checks of any month thus far in 2016.

The trend of record-setting months began last May.


Terror attacks on American soil and abroad may also be driving gun sales.

Gun rights advocates said calls for gun control from politicians such as Hillary Clinton have fueled the surging gun sales and believe the record levels will continue.

The pace of 2016’s gun sales thus far is on track to break 2015’s all-time record for guns sales, where over 23 million FBI background checks were conducted. Since the start of Obama’s presidency, Americans have bought over 100 million guns. As I’ve said before, Obama and the Democrats are the best gun sales team ever. And Hillary is sure to drive up sales with her anti-gun rhetoric on the 2016 trail. In fact, the spike in gun sales has led to the creation of almost 25,000 new jobs in 2015, with a nationwide total of 287,986.

Still, the thought of anti-gun Hillary in the Oval Office, possibly being able to choose two anti-gun jurists for the Supreme Court should scare the hell out of us.