Ohio University College Republicans Mocked Safe Spaces, Snowflakes Want A Police Investigation

Posted: Apr 18, 2016 1:20 PM

This is becoming a daily source of entertainment, folks. The Ohio University College Republican chapter decided to inject a little bit of reality on campus by mocking safe spaces on the university’s graffiti wall. Now, the cupcake legions of OU are demanding a police investigation, once again exhibiting that they just don’t know how laws and free speech work (via Campus Reform) [Warning: some language]:

The College Republicans (CR) at Ohio University (OU) wrote a message on their school’s “Graffiti Wall” that mocked the idea of safe spaces, causing some students to demand a police investigation into the matter.

“Trigger Warning: There are no safe spaces in real life. You can’t wall off the First Amendment,” CR members painted on the wall, later claiming responsibility for the messages.

In response, one student demanded a “mandatory investigation” and another vowed to “beat the shit” out of the CR members.

“We can start w/ a mandatory investigation because trigger warning is literally a threat,” one student tweeted at her campus police department.

OU’s police department then hosted an open discussion with the school’s LGBT Center after the graffiti appeared on the wall.


“Indeed, this wall is a place of free speech and expression; however, the words painted were troubling because they had a very different meaning to some than they may have to others viewing the message or even those who painted the message,” President Roderick McDavis wrote in a campus-wide email.

It’s already absurd that the legions of political correctness think that this graffiti constitutes a threat, let alone demand a police investigation into a matter of constitutionally protected free speech. But it’s more appalling that the university president apologized for an act that is indelibly American: voicing your opinions. So, mocking safe safes on a graffiti wall holds a “different meaning” because right-leaning students did it, right? Yes, of course, the slogan was going to be interpreted differently by others–that’s the beauty of this country. We can see and voice different angles to a variety of issues without being disappeared into black bags. College students don’t understand diversity, even though they claim to be indefatigable warriors of it. Free speech is good until conservatives participate–it’s the oldest axiom in the book.

OU’s College Republicans chapter should be given a medal for giving these progressives a taste of the real world, where there are no such spaces where you can participate in such mindless anti-free speech antics with like-minded individuals. With this graffiti, those who saw it correctly were adults, those who thought otherwise were babies. Period.