High School Administrator: I Must ‘Protect’ My Students From Ben Shapiro’s Ideas

Posted: Dec 09, 2015 6:40 PM
High School Administrator: I Must ‘Protect’ My Students From Ben Shapiro’s Ideas

Ben Shapiro, editor-at-large for Breitbart and editor-in-chief of DailyWire, had his remarks cut short by the forces of political correctness at Otay Ranch High School in California yesterday. The event, which was organized by the school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter, was cut short after a high school administrator felt that Shapiro’s remarks about how our free market system can lift anyone out of poverty “crossed the line,” according to the organization. The administrator then dismissed the students from the Young America’s Foundation-sponsored event, though nearly half of the over 450-person crowd decided to stay to hear the rest of Shapiro’s remarks.

Shapiro later told YAF:

"The left has taken over the entire educational infrastructure, and this is the proof: the silencing of facts in order to avoid hurting the feelings of leftist students. No wonder we're churning out new generations of Americans entirely unprepared for the real world, and entirely unaware of basic principles of Western civilization. Thanks to the brave students at Otay Ranch High School who stood up and were counted. And shame on the administration for coddling the precious butterflies by 'protecting' them from reality.”

The school approved the event.

YAF added that after Shapiro spoke, the administrator was heard saying he needed to "protect" the students from his conservative views.

This is one of many examples of liberal academia silencing the voices of dissent. Check out Katie’s post, where Shapiro told the students of the University of Missouri to toughen up.

“I don't care about your feelings. Lets make something perfectly clear, I care nothing about your feelings," Shapiro told them.

The University of Missouri became the epicenter of liberal intolerance and political correctness run amok when students forced the president and chancellor of the school to resign for allegedly not responding to incidents of racism more quickly. Some of these incidents, one of which involving a fecal swastika, cannot be truly verified as an act of racism. The poop swastika seems to be the work of an insane person, and another instance occurred off-campus, which cannot be corroborated in any way. Moreover, some have asked how is this the fault of the school’s administration. Good question: it’s not.

Oh, and the school served as a prime example of how freedom of the press isn't respected with the progressive left, unless you support them of course.