Gun Control Goodie Bag: O'Malley Wants A National Gun Registry, New Assault Weapons Ban

Matt Vespa
Posted: Sep 15, 2015 11:30 AM
Gun Control Goodie Bag: O'Malley Wants A National Gun Registry, New Assault Weapons Ban

Yesterday I highlighted former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley's 21-years of age handgun initiative. Yet, I left out some other parts of his gun control agenda, which is nothing more than an anti-gunner's paradise. Another hat tip to Hot Air's Jazz Shaw for highlighting these points. As you could probably guess, they're all bad–and there's no way they're passing Congress. They include a renewed ban on so-called assault weapons, a repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, and the establishment of a national gun registry.

Establish a national firearms registry. Although firearm registration helps advance public safety, federal law actually prohibits creation of a national system for registering firearms. This makes tracing guns back to their sale a slow, cumbersome, or even impossible process. O’Malley will push to revise federal law to establish a comprehensive, centralized firearm registration system, where records would be maintained electronically and indefinitely. All firearms purchases would be recorded and registered at sale, and re-registered when they are resold or transferred.


End immunity for gun manufacturers. Every state holds manufacturers accountable for producing and selling products that cause harm. But in 2005, the Republican-controlled Congress protected gun makers and dealers from most liability when their firearms are used criminally: the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act effectively wiped out gun liability laws in all 50 states. O’Malley will fight to overturn the Act, allowing states and cities to better protect their citizens from negligence, and giving victims of mass shootings the ability to hold irresponsible gun manufacturers and dealers accountable.

Ban sale or distribution of assault weapons. Assault weapons are designed to be extraordinarily deadly. So it is no surprise that mass shootings involving assault weapons are 50 percent more deadly, resulting in 155 percent more people being shot. O’Malley will ban the sale and distribution of all military-style assault weapons, including assault pistols and long guns, as he did in Maryland. He will also ban the sale or distribution of large-capacity magazines and “cop killer” ammunition through federal regulation

First, an assault weapons ban has no chance of passing the Senate. Even post-Newtown, a Democratic push for a new assault weapons ban barely got 40 votes in the Senate. It’s not coming back, unless the Democrats want to embarrass themselves again.

Congress is going to repeal PLCAA? Forget the fact that even self-avowed democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders voted for the bill in 2005 (and has zero regrets for doing so), this bill isn’t going anywhere either (thank God).

Tragically, a national firearms registry was found to be popular, according to a YouGov poll. At the same time, with a House Republican majority that could last a generation this idea is going nowhere. Gun control divides the Democratic Party. With unified Republican support, coupled with those pro-Second Amendment Democrats voting with them, this idea is a pipe dream.

There’s also this comforting fact: Martin O’Malley will never be president of the United States.