McAuliffe Moves Ahead With Gun Control Agenda

Posted: Dec 31, 2014 3:15 PM
McAuliffe Moves Ahead With Gun Control Agenda

It seems McAuliffe is going to give gun control another try in Virginia (via WVTF):

Despite criticism from gun-rights advocates and GOP legislative leaders, Governor McAuliffe is not retreating on a package of gun-control measures that he has proposed for the upcoming General Assembly session. McAuliffe says this was one of his campaign promises, so no one should be surprised.

The Governor also proposes reverting back to Virginia's "One-Handgun-a-Month" law, which was recently repealed. He says criminals exploit it and run guns out-of-state.

And McAuliffe wants to revoke the concealed-carry permits of those who are delinquent on child-support payments.

With Republicans controlling both houses of the Virginia legislature, this policy initiative seems dead on arrival. The GOP control 68 of the 100 General Assembly seats alone.

In January of 2014, Virginia Republicans killed Gov. McAuliffe’s first crack at curbing Second Amendment rights. Several bills were voted down, including banning the sale and transfer of high-capacity magazines and expanded background checks. We should expect the same result this year: a complete defeat for anti-gun advocates.