Trump Hires Top GOP Lawyer Ahead of Possible Delegate Fight

Leah Barkoukis
Posted: Apr 19, 2016 7:30 AM
Trump Hires Top GOP Lawyer Ahead of Possible Delegate Fight

In addition to some major shakeups in the Trump campaign over the weekend, the real estate mogul has made another significant hire: William McGinley, a prominent GOP political attorney. McGinley’s experience navigating past delegate battles made him a top pick for Trump, who’s preparing for a contested convention, should he fail to lock up the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination outright.

Politico has the details:

McGinley is expected to advise the Trump campaign on both delegate selection battles in the upcoming states and possible challenges to the credentials of delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, according to people familiar with the hiring.
In 2012, McGinley served as counsel to the convention’s rules committee and he is currently a partner atJones Day, the same law firm as Don McGahn, Trump’s top political attorney. McGinley is expected to travel to Florida this week, POLITICO has learned, where RNC members are gathering for their spring meeting amid an ongoing fight over the rules that will govern the convention.

McGinley knows the legal inner-workings of the Republican Party’s rules as well as almost anyone. At the 2012 GOP convention, he pushed the credentials committee, which determines which delegates are seated, to swap out 10 Ron Paul delegates from Maine for 10 aligned with Mitt Romney.

He has previously served as deputy counsel to the RNC, and as counsel to the RNC’s Standing Committee on Rules.

Trump has long boasted on the campaign trail that he hires only "the best" people. Whether McGinley turns out to be a major asset to Trump’s success going forward remains to be seen.