Romneys Mum on Opinion of New "MITT" Film

Kevin Glass
Posted: Jan 19, 2014 11:00 AM
Romneys Mum on Opinion of New "MITT" Film
The new documentary film MITT, which follows former presidential nominee Mitt Romney, debuted at the Sundance film festival in Park City, Utah this weekend. Romney himself was in attendance, though he did not offer his opinion on the film.

Greg Whiteley followed the Romney family for six years, from the Massachusetts governor's first attempt for the Republican nomination in 2006 to his run against now-President Barack Obama in 2012. Whiteley said the Sundance Film Festival premiere Friday was the Romneys' first look at the film, which will debut on Netflix on Jan. 24.

So what did they think?

Whiteley said he didn't ask and the Romneys didn't offer.

The film is receiving praise for offering a more vulnerable side of the former presidential candidate than he ordinarily received in the mainstream media, with NBCNews writing that, "far from the automaton stereotype lampooned by Democrats, Romney showed himself in private to be humble, witty, sarcastic, and real; he was respectful of President Barack Obama, touting the president's debating skills while questioning his own."

MITT will be available on wide release on the Netflix video streaming service on January 24. The trailer can be viewed here: