Discrepancy Concerning a Fundraising Event For a Florida Congressional Candidate Stephanie Murphy

Posted: Jun 04, 2018 4:45 PM
Discrepancy Concerning a Fundraising Event For a Florida Congressional Candidate Stephanie Murphy

Yesterday, a reporter from the Central Florida Post attended a Murphy for Congress event at the DCCC’s office opening, after Murphy had ignored multiple emails and phone calls in request for comment according to Jacob Engels, a reporter from the Central Florida Post. 

In a live video on the Central Florida Post FB page, we see Murphy deliberately ignore reporter Jacob Engels, as he attempts to question her. Murphy deliberately walks away from Engels multiple times as is seen in the video.

Earlier today, I reported on the Murphy/Sturgill race for the Congressional seat in Florida's 7th Congressional district. Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) currently holds the seat and is being challenged by Florida businessman Scott Sturgill (R). Prior to when Murphy took the seat in the last election, the seat was held for 28 years by John Mica (R). Sturgill accused Murphy of hosting a fundraiser, while Florida was in a state of emergency.

After multiple attempts, in an attempt to talk to Rep. Murphy (D-FL), Engels attempts to talk to volunteers working the Murphy event, Murphy’s volunteers also refused to comment on the situation. One volunteer would only say, “I’m just a volunteer trying to check people in,” as observed in the video. 

On June 1st, the Sturgill campaign issued a second press release. According to the press release, the Murphy campaign is now claiming that the fundraiser was actually held on September 7th. However, according to the FEC report the fundraiser was held on September 13th. Regardless of when the fundraiser was held, Governor Scott declared a state of emergency on September 4th

“FEC Reports for September 7th show Murphy’s campaign received a whopping $100, totaling $1,106 for the three day period of September 6th through the 8th, as stated in the press release. 

As reported in the press release, Murphy’s campaign took in $10,400 on September 13th, which is the same date as the Charlie’s Steakhouse charge of $3,246.10. 

Abigail Hirn, Communications Director for the Sturgill congressional campaign said: 

“It stretches credulity to think they had a fundraiser on a day they only reported raising $100, but they didn’t have a fundraiser the day they reported raising $10,400 and spending $3,246.10 at a swanky insider steakhouse in DC. Steakhouse Stephanie has some serious ‘splainin’ to do. And if it’s true the fundraiser happened on the 7th, three days after a state of emergency was declared, that’s even worse. We’re talking about a drop-everything, hands-on-deck moment,” Hirn said. “When there's a state of emergency in your district, the most important job for a congressman is actually being in the district because hurricane preparation really does make a life-or-death difference. Nothing else matters, certainly not fundraising and partisan politics.”

The following timeline of events was included in the press release: 

September 4: Gov. Scott declares State of Emergency

September 6-8: Murphy raises $1,106 (FEC)

September 7: First hurricane warnings for Florida issued

September 7: Stephanie Murphy’s fundraiser in DC (according to her campaign spokesperson)

September 8: Hurricane watch issued for Central Florida in the morning.

September 9: Murphy photographed with sand bags in Orlando

September 11: Hurricane Irma hits Florida, Murphy attends press conference with Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orlando Emergency Management team

September 13: Murphy meets with POTUS and Commandant of the Marines in DC 

September 12-14: Murphy raises $13,400

September 13: $3,246.10 charged at Charlie Palmer Steakhouse along with large contributions