Obama Posts Long Lecture About Trump Destroying His Iran Legacy

Posted: May 08, 2018 4:15 PM
Obama Posts Long Lecture About Trump Destroying His Iran Legacy

Earlier today President Trump announced the United States is leaving the "defective" and "terrible" Iran deal. 

Former President Obama, who signed the deal in 2015 after it was rejected as a treaty by Congress, isn't happy about it. 

A long lecture has been posted on Obama's Facebook page, where he admits Iran regularly engages in bad behavior (aka terrorism). 

"The JCPOA was never intended to solve all of our problems with Iran. We were clear-eyed that Iran engages in destabilizing behavior – including support for terrorism, and threats toward Israel and its neighbors," Obama said. "I believe that the decision to put the JCPOA at risk without any Iranian violation of the deal is a serious mistake. Without the JCPOA, the United States could eventually be left with a losing choice between a nuclear-armed Iran or another war in the Middle East."

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Larry O'Connor

1) Iran violated the agreement by lying their way into it. Specifically, lying about their secret nuclear bomb program. 

2) War has been raging in Syria since the Iran deal was signed, in large part because of Iranian aggression. 

3) Iran's bad behavior has been emboldened, not deterred, since the deal was signed. 

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