Gowdy on Clinton's New FBI Investigation: She is The Author of Her Own Destiny

Posted: Oct 30, 2016 1:15 PM
Gowdy on Clinton's New FBI Investigation: She is The Author of Her Own Destiny

As Hillary Clinton and her surrogates continue to grapple with the fallout over the FBI reopening their investigation into the former Secretary of State's email practices, they're blaming everyone but Clinton for the current situation. 

On Friday, Democrats slammed FBI Director James Comey for "going against DOJ policy" by informing Congress the investigation had been reopened. They're also furious with former Congressman Anthony Weiner, leaving his ex-wife and top aide to Clinton free of responsibility.

Naturally, Democrats aren't placing blame on Clinton herself for using a private email server in the first place, which got her into this mess and continues to cause headaches for her campaign. The Clinton campaign is ironically calling on the FBI to release any new evidence for the sake of transparency.

Clinton is the only one to blame for her current situation and during an interview with Fox News Friday night, former prosecutor and Oversight Committee member Trey Gowdy, who headed the Select Committee on Benghazi, didn't mince words about exactly whose fault this whole thing is. 

“She is the author of her own destiny. Everything that’s happened since then is the natural, probable consequence of deciding you’re going to have a rogue email system," Gowdy said. "I understand she’s upset and I understand she doesn’t like the timing but she need look no further than herself.”