Surprise: Germany Has No Clue Where at Least 600,000 Refugees From Terror Hot Spots Are Located

Posted: Jan 25, 2016 12:35 PM
Surprise: Germany Has No Clue Where at Least 600,000 Refugees From Terror Hot Spots Are Located

The serious and dangerous consequences of wide open, European border policy are becoming clearer by the day. For months we've seen an influx of "refugees" from terrorism hot spots in the Middle East and Africa.  Now, hundreds-of-thousands of them can't be accounted for.

Europeans living in countries like Germany, Norway, Denmark and others were promised by their elected officials that government agencies would keep track of refugees pouring into the country. Now, Germany has lost track of at least 600,000 refugees who entered the country with little-to-no vetting. What could possibly go wrong? 

In the wake of massive sexual assaults perpetrated by Muslim migrants on New Year's Eve, and the threat of jihadists infiltrating the sudden mass influx of "refugees," Germany admitted on Thursday that it has lost track of 600,000 asylum seekers.

By the end of 2015 Germany had registered 1.1 million asylum seekers under its EASY system, that records little data other than the applicant's country of origin, reports the British Daily Mail late Thursday.

But German Interior Ministry spokesperson Dr. Harald Neymanns admitted that over half-a-million of the migrants have gone unaccounted for, raising serious concerns.
In an effort to offer an explanation for the missing refugees, German officials have argued some refugees may have left the country for another country in Europe. Considering the German government isn't communicating with other governments about the status and location of refugees, this doesn't make the situation any better, in fact, it makes it worse.

This kind of incompetency doesn't just allow Islamic terrorists, who regularly take advantage of western generosity and naivete, to freely travel Europe, but also allows them to travel back and forth to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria for training. 

Meanwhile in the U.S., the Obama administration has lost track of thousands of individuals whose visas were pulled after suspected links to terrorism.

A US State Department official admitted on Thursday that US President Barack Obama's administration is not sure where thousands of foreigners in the US who had their visas pulled over terror suspicions currently are.

Michele Thoren Bond, assistant secretary for the Bureau of Consular Affairs, made the admission at a House oversight hearing that was investigating immigrant vetting processes so as to prevent terror attacks, reports Fox News.

Bond said that the US had revoked over 122,000 visas since 2001, including 9,500 over terrorism concerns.