Iran to Execute Thousands For Crimes Like Poetry, Practicing Journalism and Other "Offenses"

Posted: Oct 28, 2015 2:00 PM
Iran to Execute Thousands For Crimes Like Poetry, Practicing Journalism and Other "Offenses"

When the White House was trying to sell the Iranian nuclear deal to the American people earlier this year, Press Secretary Josh Earnest and President Obama repeatedly argued that Iran's bad behaviors could not be solved or linked to the deal, regardless of the regime's funding of terrorism against the United States and Israel, imprisonment of Americans on bogus charges, or extreme levels of execution for "crimes" committed inside the country. 

A new report shows how many people Iran plans to execute or severely punish this year for crimes like writing poetry, shaking hands with the opposite sex, creating art, practicing journalism, being gay and more. The number is staggering. From Fox News:

Iran is on track to execute more than 1,000 people in 2015, according to a scathing report from a United Nations analyst studying the rogue nation's actions.

Calling it an "unprecedented assault on the right to life in Iran," Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed described a surge in executions over the past year. He said Iran hanged nearly 700 people since January.

Shaheed said that within the past two weeks, the Islamic Republic violated international law by hanging two juvenile offenders. He added, "there are dozens more waiting a similar fate on death row." Shaheed said most people who face death are nonviolent drug offenders.

Human rights groups have long criticized Iran for flaunting international laws in its treatment of locals and foreign journalists.

Two Iranian poets have also been caught up in the crackdown, jailed for their work and sentenced to 99 lashes apiece for shaking hands with members of the opposite sex.

And when Iran isn't executing people they deem as offenders, the oppressive regime is cutting off their limbs, engaging in torture and blinding prisoners.

Iran's medieval barbarity is not limited to executions, it includes lashings, amputations and even the blinding of people convicted of crimes deemed relatively minor by the civilized world, according to a new UN report on human rights in the Islamic Republic.

More than 480 persons were flogged during the first 15 days of Ramadan for not fasting, and two people convicted of theft had limbs amputated just weeks before the U.S. and other world powers announced a nuclear agreement with Tehran, wrote Ahmed Shaheed, the UN’s special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, in a 26-page report. "The Government maintains that only three individuals were subject to this punishment for their non-observance of the fasting practice."

In another case highlighted in the report, the left eye and right ear of man identified only as "Hamid S." were removed surgically.

These are the same tyrants the Obama administration has just handed a nuclear deal that is beneficial not to the civilized world, but to empowering the barbarity inside Iran.