ATF Agent Stole $20,000 in Taxpayer Money After Submitting Fraudulent Work Hours

Posted: Oct 05, 2015 11:25 AM
ATF Agent Stole $20,000 in Taxpayer Money After Submitting Fraudulent Work Hours

Former Georgia ATF Task Force Officer Daryle McCormick has plead guilty to stealing nearly $20,000 in taxpayer money from 2013 to 2015 after submitting 800 overtime hours that he didn't work for payment. 

According to the FBI, ATF agents are required to affirm certification in writing when submitting hours for overtime payment. 

"“I certify that the above time was duly earned. I understand that my misstatement concerning the aforementioned time may be cause for dismissal," the certification McCormick repeatedly signed states.

McCormick's hours were approved and payment was issued, but a retroactive investigation was launched after suspicions arose McCormick wasn't working the hours he claimed.

“Today’s guilty plea demonstrates that federally deputized task force officers will be held to the same standards as other federal law enforcement officers,” Special Agent in Charge of the DOJ Office of the Miami Inspector General Field Office Robert Bourbon said in a statement.

“McCormick’s lies about the overtime he worked cost the taxpayers almost $20,000,” U.S. Attorney John Horn added. “In committing this crime, McCormick violated both the law and the public’s trust.” 

Last year, the House of Representatives introduced legislation in an effort to limit overtime abuses by federal employees.

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