Former CIA Operative: Yes, ISIS is in The U.S.

Posted: Sep 03, 2014 8:25 AM

Former CIA operative Bob Baer told CNN's Jake Tapper last night that ISIS is in the United States and capable of carrying out an attack. 

"What are your sources telling you about ISIS and any cells in the United States?" Tapper asked.

"The people who collect tactical intelligence on the ground, day-to-day, and this isn't Washington, but people collecting this stuff say they're here, ISIS is here, they're capable of striking. They don't know what their plans and intentions are. But it's a definite concern," Baer said. "The people who do this for a living are very alarmed." 

Baer also said ISIS terrorists may have entered through the U.S. southern border with Mexico or through airports on American passports.

Just yesterday the State Department would not confirm whether U.S. passports belonging to Americans confirmed to be working with ISIS overseas have been revoked. In July American Moner Mohammad Abusalha, who was fighting for ISIS in Syria, came home to the United States before returning to Syria to carry out a suicide bombing