John McCain Getting Really Serious About Running Again, Sets Fundraiser

Posted: Nov 20, 2013 3:00 PM
John McCain Getting Really Serious About Running Again, Sets Fundraiser

Well folks, it looks like Arizona Senator John McCain will "be one of these old guys that should’ve shoved off.” According to the Arizona Republic, McCain is set to attend a glitzy fundraising for his 2016 campaign in New York City.

Sen. John McCain has scheduled a December fundraiser in New York City, the surest sign yet that the veteran Arizona Republican is serious about possibly pursuing a sixth term in 2016.

According to a copy of the invitation obtained Tuesday by The Arizona Republic, McCain is asking supporters to join him 6 p.m. Dec. 16 at the midtown St. Regis Hotel “as I consider running for re-election to the US Senate.”

“I am grateful for the support you have given to me and my efforts through the years,” McCain says in the invite. “I work to do what I think is right for not only the people of Arizona but the people of our great nation. There is no doubt that we live in very challenging times and every day we see that elections really do have consequences. I vow to continue to do the right thing, not just for my political party and not just against the other political party, but for our country.”

The suggested donations for the event are: $5,200 per person for hosts; $2,600 per person for co-hosts; and $1,000 per person for tickets.

So, what will McCain's campaign promise (to be broken once safely re-elected) be this time? He's already used "Complete the Dang Fence," (McCain was a leader in the sham Gang of Eight amnesty legislation) and "I will fight against Obamacare," etc.

As a friendly reminder from McCain's campaign in 2010:

And a look at the border today:

John McCain on Obamacare in 2010:

And 2013:

You get the point.