AR-15 Was Used in Navy Yard Police to Stop Aaron Alexis

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Sep 18, 2013 7:22 AM
AR-15 Was Used in Navy Yard Police to Stop Aaron Alexis

It turns out an AR-15 was used after all in the Navy Yard police to stop Aaron Alexis from continuing his rampage. From the New York Times:

On Monday, Mr. Alexis entered the Navy Yard, a secure military facility near the Capitol, killing at least 12 people before he was fatally shot by the authorities. The police say Mr. Alexis, 34, acted alone. On Tuesday, the authorities said it had taken only two minutes for officers armed with AR-15s to arrive at the navy yard once they received the first of many 911 emergency calls.

In case you're wondering, CNN's Piers Morgan and other major media outlets have failed to apologize for their hysteria surrounding early reports an AR-15 was used by Alexis to kill innocent victims when in fact, he used a shotgun and two handguns stolen from police. After dedicating an entire show to berating Americans for owning the AR-15 "killing machine" Monday night (and now that he's been proven wrong), Morgan says the type of firearm used just "doesn't matter." You could say Morgan doesn't think the type of firearm matters because the AR-15 narrative is shattered, but that would be dishonest. The reason he thinks it doesn't matter is because Morgan wants an all-out gun ban, he just won't admit it.

As a reminder, handguns, not the AR-15, are the choice of crazed mass shooters.