Huntsman Open to Another Presidential Run

Posted: May 07, 2014 4:24 PM

After an unsuccessful run in 2012, many thought Jon Huntsman would give up his presidential ambitions. After a 3rd place finish in New Hampshire (where he focused all of his efforts), the former governor of Utah dropped out of the GOP primary before it could get worse in South Carolina. But it seems that even though the 2012 primary season was tough, Huntsman may consider another run at the White House in 2016.

The 2012 candidate appeared on Larry King’s new show, “PoliticKing,” where the interview will air on Thursday. The Republican from Utah was asked about Hillary Clinton and how he felt about her potential run for president. And when he mentioned her potential run, he said that it’s not out of the question for him either.

“I’m a public servant, Larry, and as a public servant I found that politics is a lot about serendipity, you know, it’s hard to be able to pre-plan where you might find yourself as a public servant. I never thought I would run for governor,” Huntsman, who served as ambassador to China during the Obama administration, said. “I never thought I would be in China as the United States ambassador. Things happen.”

Although not all Republicans think Huntsman is conservative enough, it would be interesting to see how Huntsman could work as the GOP representative. Perhaps uniting the party under one man who was consistently voted the most conservative governor when he represented the state of Utah. His work under the Obama administration as the ambassador to China could be a problem for him again in 2016, like it was in 2012.

As time will tell, we will see who the GOP puts out as our options for 2016.