White House Tours are Back!

Posted: Nov 05, 2013 3:14 PM
White House Tours are Back!

After the devastating sequestration cuts, the White House decided it couldn’t afford to host public tours any more. But now the government shutdown has ended, the Secret Service has found the funds to resume tours, in a limited number though.

The White House has been closed to visitors for 8 months in order to save on personnel costs, the people’s house is open again today. And all those lucky visitors who are taking a tour today were surprised by appearances from the President himself, the first lady and their dogs.

The White House tours should continue through January 15th, which is when the current budget will expire. Instead of the old schedule though, White House tours will only be offered 3 days each week instead of the old 5 days a week. Although things aren’t back to where they should be, it sure is good to see the White House back open to the people who pay for it.

It’s good to know President Obama and his wife aren’t too busy to say hello to their adoring fans…