Obama's Approval Rating Falls in Liberal California

Heather Ginsberg
Posted: Jul 23, 2013 11:45 AM
Obama's Approval Rating Falls in Liberal California

California, a state known for its beaches and love for all things liberal has taken a step back in representing one of those factors, and no the ocean hasn’t taken over the beaches (yet!!). In the most recent poll out of California, President Obama’s approval rating fell to a dismal 52 percent.

This marks the 3rd lowest approval rating the President has had in the Golden State. The only lower rankings he has had were back in September and November of 2011, with 46 and 48 percent respectively. But since those ratings almost 2 years ago, his ratings have been steadily climbing. The last time Californians were polled on Obama’s job approval, back in February, he came out with 62 percent approval.

The drop is also seen in Obama’s core constituencies: Approval dropped 14 points among Democrats since February, to 74 percent; 15 points among women, to 53 percent; and 14 points among voters aged 18-39, to 57 percent.

With Obama losing major points in his core constituencies, there is obviously something seriously wrong. When Democrats can’t even get behind their favorite liberal in one of the bluest states around, there is a clear sign of trouble. Perhaps this is a good sign for what 2014 and even 2016 could have in store for Republicans in California.