Video: Obama Leaves Democrats in 'Utter Disarray'

Guy Benson
Posted: Dec 09, 2016 1:30 PM
Video: Obama Leaves Democrats in 'Utter Disarray'

Our Make Schadenfreude Great Again! series continues apace, this time featuring a video compilation of media clips discussing the devastated state in which President Obama will leave his party. Obama was quite good at getting himself elected. Helping his party sustain a lasting majority? Not so much. In fact, Democrats suffered historic, top-to-bottom losses on his watch, culminating with turning over the White House to Donald Trump. And where are Democrats headed next? More Nancy Pelosi, more Chuck Schumer, and possibly DNC Chairman Keith Ellison, whose (relatively little known, for now) sordid baggage could cause serious heartburn for his party. Via America Rising:

Sure, that was fun to watch, but a word to the wise: Nothing in politics is permanent. Democrats' hubris after 2008 led them to believe that demographic dominance would keep them in power forever; they've since lost everything. There are real challenges that come with controlling a unified government. If the country enjoys the GOP's results, they'll be in great shape for awhile. If not, the next pendulum swing could be swift and unforgiving. Pitfalls lie ahead. No party is defeated forever. And while Republicans have a very favorable Senate map to attack in 2018, nothing should be taken for granted. And Democrats will have a number of juicy opportunities to make up some of the gubernatorial ground they've lost since 2010. In other words, enjoy this wounded, flailing Democratic panic while it lasts, conservatives. And remember that things can change in a hurry.