Video: Pro-ISIS Radicals Rally, Chant 'Death to Jews' in the Netherlands

Posted: Aug 05, 2014 10:25 AM

I missed this over the weekend, but a pro-ISIS demonstration in a major Western city strikes me as sufficiently newsworthy as to circle back and amplify it. Keep in mind that this isn't a garden variety pro-Hamas orgy of Israel hate and roiling anti-Semitism. These are dozens of young Dutch Islamists broadcasting their support for a terrorist organization so repressive and barbaric (<-- severe content warning) that even Al Qaeda keeps them at arm's length. This would be the same group that is slaughtering its way across the US-abandoned nation of Iraq, that is fighting to supplant the unholy Assad regime in Syria, and that has seized territory in Lebanon. ISIS also appears to have taken control of a major Iraqi dam, threatening the country's water and electrical supply, along with countless lives. The protesters in The Hague are intoxicated by this violence and hate. Allahu Akbar, they scream, waving ISIS' signature black banners. "Hamas! Hamas! All Jews to the gas!" they add, for good measure. Sickening (via Newsweek):

"Maut al-Yahud!" (Death to the Jews)

It seems relevant to point out that the Netherlands is approaching the ten year anniversary of the brazen murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh on the streets of Amsterdam, explicit retribution for a film project that was critical of Islam's treatment of women. Meanwhile, anti-Semitic attacks continue to infest the West, many perpetrated by Muslims. In addition to the events we've covered, the Investigative Project compiles a chilling list of these incidents. Among the worst: (1) A German synagogue that rebuilt after being burned to the ground by Nazis on Kristallnacht was firebombed, leading to the arrest of a "Palestinian youth." (2) Two unrelated Jewish women were threatened then separately attacked for displaying Israeli flags at their homes. (3) Reports of anti-Semitic incidents in the UK have spiked in July, nearing a record high. (4) A Belgian doctor refused to treat a Jewish patient, urger her to "go to Gaza." (5) A New York Times employee tweeted this over the weekend:

And yet the vaunted "international community" seems primarily concerned with ritually flogging Israel over its self-defense campaign against a recognized terrorist organization, which was the aggressor in this current conflict. The moral depravity and bankruptcy on display is frightening. I'll leave you with this surreal clip you may have missed from Greg last night. It stars Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan, as he's confronted with the transcript and video if his own insane anti-Semitic blood libel on CNN. He doesn't attempt a denial. He instead insists that he has Jewish friends, expresses indignation over some irrelevant and incendiary writings by two Israelis, and calls Netanyahu a "new Nazi:"