Black Sports Columnist: Actually, Sterling's Comments Are "Great"--Proves Racism Is "Still There"

Posted: Apr 29, 2014 12:00 PM

Terence Moore is a columnist and a CNN sports contributor.

Note how the CNN panel begins by stating that "this [racism] has been going on forever" and then ends with a declaration that Sterling's private comments to his girlfriend "exposes the fact that it's still there."

Since Sterling's comments I have yet to see or hear one single significant person come to Sterling's defense.

If you read between the lines here, you see the liberal utopian belief that racism can be forever removed from the human heart and mind. Therefore believing that no racist word will ever be uttered in public or in private conversation; no racist thought will ever appear in the heart or mind of any man, woman, or child. With just the right amount of shame, legislation, and threat, libs believe they can forever eradicate the evils of racism located in man's heart. Move over Jesus!