Burn: NBC Universal Parts Ways With The Donald

Posted: Jun 29, 2015 4:15 PM
Burn: NBC Universal Parts Ways With The Donald

Donald Trump faced a flurry of backlash when he suggested in his campaign announced that immigrants from Mexico were essentially bad people. At best, his characterization of Mexicans was ill-advised stereotyping, and at worst, patently racist. Hillary Clinton, however, called the remarks “very inflammatory,” while around the same time a Mexican cabinet official labelled them “prejudiced and absurd.” Worse, the defiant business mogul still refuses to apologize. And he’s paying the price for it: on Monday, a second major television network publicly parted ways with him, politely informing him to conduct his business elsewhere:

The separation grew out of a petition launched not long after the controversy brewed. And yet, Trump may not let such a public slight go unchallenged:

Donald Trump says he’ll consider suing after NBC announced it was ending its business relationship with the Republican presidential candidate over comments he made about immigrants during his campaign kickoff.

Trump told reporters in Chicago on Monday that he’s not apologizing for claiming some Mexican immigrants bring drugs and crime to the country. He says if his “strong stance” on immigration fuels NBC’s decision, he’s fine with it. He says he’ll “probably” sue.

Despite his recent clashes with the Hispanic community, however, Trump is still technically a top tier contender for the 2016 Republican nomination. A recent Fox News survey puts him squarely in second place, garnering 11 percent of the vote overall.