Walker Responds: Only Elitists Say a College Degree Is Necessary for Success

Posted: Feb 18, 2015 12:30 PM
Walker Responds: Only Elitists Say a College Degree Is Necessary for Success

Howard Dean’s snobbery was on full display last week when he questioned Gov. Scott Walker's (R-WI) intelligence on national television for dropping out of college shortly before graduation. Ironically, such condescension was coming from an Ivy Leaguer who once defended the proposition that ISIS terrorists are as Islamic as he is. For a man so well educated, perhaps he should edify himself before making such uninformed and dangerous declarations.

Nevertheless, his hypothesis that Walker is somehow “unknowledgeable” and thus could not possibly be a good president is an article of faith on the American Left. On The Kelly File Tuesday night, however, he had a chance to respond publicly to his supposed intellectual betters—and he didn’t squander the opportunity.

“That’s kind of the elitist, government-knows-best top-down approach from Washington we’ve heard for years,” he told host Megyn Kelly after she replayed Dean’s derisive comments for him. “We’ve had an Ivy League-trained lawyer in the White House for the last six years—who is pretty good at reading off a teleprompter—but done a pretty lousy job leading this country.”

“I'd rather have fighter who’s actually proven he can take on the big government special interests and win,” he continued. “I think there’s a lot of Americans out there that scratch their heads and say we have people who helped found Microsoft, Apple, Facebook—plenty of other successful businesses and enterprises across this country—that did exactly the same sort of thing I did.”

He went on to explain that he obviously isn’t anti-college, either. Far from it. But because a job opportunity opened up at the American Red Cross when he was a few credits shy of graduating, he took it and never looked back.

“I have two sons in college," he said. "I hope they finish—I expect that—my wife and I are helping to fund their pathway along with the hard work they put in. So we value college for those who pursue that career. But in the end you don’t have to have [a college degree] to be successful like many Americans have [proven] over the years.”

Watch the full clip below: