Watch: Following Speech, Pryor Takes on-Stage Selfie With … Bill Clinton

Posted: Oct 06, 2014 8:00 PM

Brilliant or pathetic? You decide:

I assume most conservatives will scoff at this sort of stunt. It’s so transparently fake and politician-esque that's it bound to make some of us wince. But at the same time there are lot less innocuous things a red state Senate Democrat like Pryor (running for re-election in Arkansas, of all places) could do than take a few harmless selfies with Bill Clinton. The guy’s endorsement, after all, still carries a lot of weight in the state.

Clinton, for his part, will be campaigning for Democrats in familiar stomping grounds over the next few days, especially Pryor who affectionately refers to the former president as his "grandpa." Nevertheless, Republican hopeful Tom Cotton still holds a slight edge in the polls, but if Bubba's hitting the trail hard for his opponent, that could change in the coming days. We'll see.