Price Slams 'Unbelievable' CBO Report

Posted: Mar 13, 2017 5:40 PM
Price Slams 'Unbelievable' CBO Report

The Congressional Budget Office finally released its report on the GOP's Obamacare replacement plan and the numbers are not promising. Of particular concern is the CBO's prediction that 14 million people stand to lose their insurance if the Republicans proceed with their plan.

HHS Secretary Tom Price, speaking at the White House, dismissed the report as rubbish. 

"It's just not believable, is what we would suggest," he said.

The 14 million figure, he insisted, is "virtually impossible."

Other members of the Trump administration have urged Americans to be skeptical of the CBO report. Last week, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer noted the CBO has been pretty inaccurate in the past. For instance, when it initially scored Obamacare, the CBO estimated it would insure 24 million people. In reality, only 11 million are covered.