Cruz Intends to Prevent Trump From ‘Watering Down’ Pro-life Language in RNC Platform

Posted: May 27, 2016 2:00 PM
Cruz Intends to Prevent Trump From ‘Watering Down’ Pro-life Language in RNC Platform

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is concerned how Donald Trump’s meandering record on abortion will affect the Republican Party platform. In a conversation with radio host Pat Campbell on Friday, Cruz vowed to prevent the eventual GOP nominee from pressuring the Republican National Committee from watering down its pro-life agenda.

“You have my word. One of the reasons that we are continuing to work to elect conservatives to be delegates, even though Donald has the delegates to get the nomination, we intend to do everything we can to fight for conservative principles to prevent Washington forces from watering down the platform," Cruz said. "The platform is a manifestation of what we believe as a party, and I think it is important that it continue to reflect conservative values, free-market values, constitutional liberties, Judeo-Christian principles, the values that built this country, and that is exactly what I intend to fight for.”

When he was still hot on the presidential campaign trail, Cruz routinely placed Trump’s waffling pro-life agenda in the spotlight, reminding voters that the businessman was proudly pro-choice in the 1990s. In April, when Trump said he “absolutely” plans to change the RNC platform to make allowances for abortion in cases of rape and incest, Cruz said his remarks proved he really is a "New York liberal.”

Trump's abortion comments are especially disconcerting, Cruz said, considering RNC Chairman Reince Priebus suggested the platform is fluid and will be up to the convention delegates to decide this summer at the convention.

Yet, the chair insisted the party’s pro-life tenets will be upheld.

"I think our platform is pretty clear on those subjects. Life begins at conception, and that 14th Amendment rights apply to unborn children."

Will Priebus' promise appease the pro-life movement, or should conservatives be worried about the Republican Party’s dedication to pro-life values come this July?