Kasich: Behavior Proves Fellow Candidates Are ‘Not Worthy’ of Presidency

Posted: Apr 12, 2016 11:30 AM
Kasich: Behavior Proves Fellow Candidates Are ‘Not Worthy’ of Presidency

Speaking at the Women’s National Republican Club in New York City Tuesday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich offered “two paths” facing America as he seeks the GOP presidential nomination.

This election may be one of the most consequential of generations, Kasich said. Abroad, we face the fight against ISIS, the threat of Russia, China, North Korea and the turmoil in the Middle East. At home, we need to address civil rights, slow economic growth and rising debt. These are all critical issues facing the next president.

Through the myriad challenges facing America, however, Kasich said clarity can emerge. The two paths to move forward, he said, are as follows:

“Will we turn our backs on the ideals that have seen us through two centuries, or will we reaffirm that America is the last best hope of man on Earth?”

Kasich fears the right path has been jeopardized by the rhetoric of his presidential opponents.

His fellow contenders are “playing off of fear” and exploiting it, the governor said. Their obsession with “feeding their own insatiable desires for fame and attention could drive America down into a ditch.”

He listed a few of the “disturbing solutions” his opponents have offered to address the above issues, including Ted Cruz’s proposal to target Muslim neighborhoods for surveillance and Donald Trump’s plan to deport 11 million illegal immigrants. Kasich also shook his head at Trump’s proposal to drop out of NATO and to use nuclear weapons in Europe.

In regards to domestic policy, we’ve been offered “hollow promises,” and balanced budgets through “whimsical cuts,” Kasich continued.

In addition to his opponents’ farfetched proposals, Kasich condemned their campaign behavior.

“I’ve stood onstage and watched in amazement as candidates called each other liars and disparaged each other’s characters,” he said.

“They are not worthy of the office they are seeking.”

“I will not take the low road to the highest office in the land,” Kasich insisted.