At Entertaining Presser, Trump Says Jeb “Sleeps at the Podium,” Rubio is "Overrated"

Posted: Nov 03, 2015 12:00 PM
At Entertaining Presser, Trump Says Jeb “Sleeps at the Podium,” Rubio is "Overrated"

Donald Trump is hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend and will have a litany of impressions to practice. Yet, when the media asked him to give his best impersonation of his presidential opponent Jeb Bush at a press conference for his new book, “Crippling America: Make America Great Again,” Tuesday in New York, he refused to. He didn't want to portray someone “sleeping at a podium."

That was just his first burn.

Trump went on to criticize Ben Carson for his lack of energy and Marco Rubio for his weak stance on illegal immigration and awful history with credit cards. “Marco Rubio is overrated,” he said.

His presser wasn’t all about insulting his competitors, however. He spent the first part of his remarks promoting his new book, ensuring the media it would be “hard hitting.” He also repeated his own policy ideas, including the platform we now all know by heart: He is going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it.

Another entertaining exchange occurred when a Telemundo reporter told Trump there would be protesters at his event. “Welcome to Trump Tower,” he said. That would give him “more publicity.”

Trump’s favorite question, however, came from a CNN reporter, who asked him if he thought some of the other GOP candidates should exit the race. He said those who are polling at zero percent especially need to go.

“There are too many people,” Trump said. “I don’t want to get personal, but look at the poll numbers.”

The businessman is meeting with "SNL" Producer Lorne Michaels in New York tonight to prep for Saturday's show.