Charlie Crist Is Back and Running for Congress

Posted: Oct 20, 2015 12:00 PM
Charlie Crist Is Back and Running for Congress

Charlie Crist has been all over the political spectrum. He served as the Republican governor of Florida from 2007 to 2011. He then ran for the Senate as independent, losing to Marco Rubio. Now, he is announcing a congressional bid and running as a Democrat.

Crist may have an opportune chance to win the Pinellas County district in St. Petersburg, Florida as a Democrat, thanks to redistricting.

Crist is hoping new congressional districts ordered by the Florida Supreme Court will give him a good chance to win. The map awaiting the court’s approval puts all of St. Petersburg in the same district, making it more enticing for Crist, who grew up in the city and still lives downtown. The new district is also expected to have more Democratic voters.

Yet, Crist’s opponents say his history of switching parties when it seems politically convenient will cast a long shadow over his campaign.

“We look forward to the opportunity of making sure the voters of the Tampa Bay area know about his record of flip-flopping on different issues,” said Republican Party of Florida executive director Brad Herold.

Jeff Bechdel, the communications director for America Rising PAC, was even less merciful. He insisted Crist should forget about running and apologize to Floridians for his “unprincipled party switches” and “embarrassing losses.”