Team Jeb Hits Back at Trump for Being 'Soft on Crime,' Cites Past Support for Legalizing Drugs

Posted: Aug 31, 2015 8:00 PM
Team Jeb Hits Back at Trump for Being 'Soft on Crime,' Cites Past Support for Legalizing Drugs

The Bush v. Trump feud continues. A few weeks of back and forth tussling between Jeb Bush and Donald Trump in the GOP race for 2016 reached another zenith Monday when Trump resurrected Bush's "act of love" comments from earlier this year and used it to mock the governor in an Instagram post. The post included a video showing illegal immigrants' mug shots, with the following message, "Love? Forget love. It's time to get tough!"

Jeb's team is now hitting back with a new statement Monday, slamming Donald Trump for being soft on crime himself. They outlined three areas for proof:

Donald Trump Supported Legalizing Illicit Drugs.

· Trump Has Spent Years Supporting Soft-On-Crime Liberals Like Harry Reid ($9,400), Hillary Clinton ($5,100), And Charles Schumer ($8,900).

· Donald Trump Even Supported Nancy Pelosi—Who Supports Sanctuary Cities And Backed A Moratorium On The Death Penalty.

The first bullet point linked to a Chicago Tribune article from 1999 that cites Trump as saying the only way to end the war on drugs is to legalize them.

Trump blamed the country`s drug problems on politicians who ``don`t have any guts`` and enforcement efforts that are ``a joke.`` ``We`re losing badly the war on drugs,`` Trump told 700 people at a luncheon Friday. ``You have to legalize drugs to win that war. You have to take the profit away from these drug czars.``

As for bankrolling Democrats, Trump responded to those donations as being all business.

Jeb's team also pumped up the former Florida governor's own record on crime, highlighting his successful record in the Sunshine State. Under his leadership, crime dropped to its lowest level since 1971. He did it, he insisted, without trampling on citizens' Second Amendment rights. One of the ways he tackled criminal activity, was by signing the 10-20-life law, described in detail here:

The law, which is still in place, issues a minimum 10-year sentence for anyone who pulls a gun while committing a crime, 20 years for pulling the trigger during a crime and 25 years to life for injuring or killing someone by firing a gun.

Does Team Jeb have a point in its attack on Trump's criminal justice record? Does the business mogul's past suggest that his ballsy rhetoric is all talk and no action? Or is this just a weak retort from Jeb, who has struggled to counter the Donald's never ending insults?

One thing's for sure: If these two can be as tough on crime as they are on each other, I think we have nothing to fear.