Disturbing Campaign in Chile Demonstrates ‘Accidental Abortions’

Posted: May 09, 2015 12:00 PM

A disturbing campaign currently making its way through Chile is endangering women by making light of "accidental" abortions.

Abortion in Chile is completely illegal – no exception. In a twisted way to try and loosen these restrictions, a group called Miles Chile has created a video campaign depicting female actresses having "accidental" abortions. A few of their feigned, yet shocking demonstrations include falling down the stairs, throwing themselves against a fire hydrant, and stepping out in front of incoming traffic. These graphic videos are completely justified, according to the group’s president.

"These are deliberately violent fictional scenes created to spark debate,” said Claudia Dides, the president of Miles Chile, when interviewed by CNN Chile. This provocative campaign, however, does highlight a reality: in Chile, accidental abortions are the only “legal method” to end a pregnancy.

By promoting this “legal method,” Miles Chile is suggesting women with unexpected pregnancies are so desperate that they are willing to harm themselves by throwing their pregnant bellies against a fire hydrant and willingly launch themselves in front of traffic.

Just as unnerving as the campaign’s content, is the fact that the videos have gone viral and now have over 100,000 views. What the pro-abortion group did not seem to consider, however, is that their campaign could tragically backfire. Instead of preventing such ‘accidents’ as these by making abortion “safe” and legal, their videos could incite unwanted violence throughout Chile among confused pregnant mothers.

Abortion was banned in Chile back in 1989 under Pinochet’s Rule. The current president, however, Michelle Bachelet, has not hid the fact she wants to change that.

Miles Chile has certainly scored some shock value points with their videos. Let’s hope that’s as far as the campaign gets.