Mascot Controversy Reaches Grade School

Posted: Sep 24, 2014 9:30 AM
Mascot controversies aren't limited to the football field. While the Washington Redskins are busy considering a name change due to criticism that their mascot is offensive to Native Americans, the PC police is also invading public schools.

The Anacostia Indians have been the nickname of Anacostia High School in the District of Columbia since 1937. But, political correctness is once again threatening tradition. Ward 5 Democratic Councilman Kenyan McDuffie introduced legislation to ban the Anacostia mascot, as well as four other racially based school nicknames in the district. The legislator called such terms "pejorative."

Anacostia grads, however, couldn't disagree more. A few former students spoke to Fox 5 DC and had some choice words for McDuffie, insisting that parting with the mascot would mean parting with history:

"He should do his homework - learn about the history."

"It would divide us, we would lose our identity."

"The school was built on Indian ground. It's an honor and it's our history."

Students shouldn't have to feel ashamed of wearing their school jerseys, nor should football fans have to be embarrassed to cheer on the team they grew up supporting. 

DC Public Schools says it's reviewing McDuffie's legislation. Let's hope political correctness gets tackled.