Congressman Downloads ‘Red Alert’ App to Hear How Many Times Israel is Bombed by Terrorists

Posted: Jul 14, 2014 11:30 AM

“Red Alert: Israel” is an app no one should have to use. It is a phone application that warns Israeli residents every time Hamas launches an attack. The device has allowed vulnerable civilians to try and seek shelter before becoming victim to terrorism.

On Friday, Representative Jeff Duncan (R-SC) met with an Israeli ambassador to discuss the violent clashes between Israel and Palestinian terror groups. During that meeting, Duncan downloaded the “Red Alert” app for just a glimpse into what Israelis are experiencing as they face the constant threat of rocket attacks. The congressman posted photos from that meeting on his Facebook page. The day he downloaded the app, Duncan’s phone sounded a frightening 36 times. While he says the warnings can be pretty unnerving for him and his family, he insists the app is necessary to remember the dangers Israelis are facing.

Why do I want the App? So that I can pray for Israel as well as understand, as a policy maker, the magnanimity of the threats and the conflict.

Can you imagine living under this constant threat?

I certainly couldn’t.

As Guy reported earlier, Israel is defending its use of force to answer Hamas’ barrage of attacks. While the media is all too quick to report on Israeli strikes on Palestine, they forget who provoked those attacks in the first place. Another important distinction that the mainstream media has seemed to forget: Hamas has been declared a terrorist organization.

Hamas attacks Israel, and Israel is criticized for defending itself. It makes no sense.

Perhaps if the biased anti-Israel media downloaded the “Red Alert” app and heard the incessant alarms that are terrifying Israelis daily, they’d change their tune.