Sharpton Offers Advice on How to 'Grill' Those 'Wacky' Conservative Relatives This Holiday

Posted: Jul 04, 2014 7:00 PM

Liberal MSNBC talk show hosts have made a habit of sticking their foots in their mouths on air, which have resulted in multiple apologies and resignations. The 4th of July is no exception to the liberal network's obvious bias against conservatives. Thursday, the ever controversial Reverend Al Sharpton, now the host of Politics Nation, offered tips on how to deal with those wacky "Ted Cruz, Fox News-watching" friends and relatives this Independence Day:

"It's a day to celebrate our free country. To rest, relax, and maybe have a barbeque. But you know what that means, your wacky uncle or your Ted Cruz-loving neighbor or your cousin who watches Fox News all day might swing by for a burger or dog. But don't worry, I've got you covered.”

With this introduction, Sharpton proceeded to show clips of conservative politicians criticizing Obamacare and other Democratic policies, followed up with "tips" on how to respond. For instance, how would you react to your anti-Obama father-in-law slamming the Affordable Care Act? Point to the sky and say it's still there, according to Sharpton.

Pleased with his own advice, Sharpton ensured his viewers they will be well equipped to manage their unwelcome visitors:

"Now you'll be able to grill your conservative friends just like you've grilled that last piece of chicken."

Fortunately, Sharpton probably has about as many viewers as there are stripes on our country's flag.