Incredible: Man Starts Radio Show in Nursing Home to Help Find Missing DC Girl

Posted: Apr 28, 2014 12:00 PM

On March 1, an 8-year-old girl in Washington, D.C. disappeared. Authorities believe she was abducted by the janitor at a homeless shelter where she lived. He has since been found dead in Kenilworth Park, before he presumably murdered his wife. Rescue crews searched for weeks for Relisha for any clues, but they recently ended the effort in the park and have declared the search a "recovery mission."

That's where Keith Warren comes in. Every day, the 32-year-old has been airing the Internet radio show, "The Finding Relisha Rudd Radio Show," for people who refuse to believe this precious little girl is dead. Taking callers every night, Warren is helping spread the word from a unique location: a D.C. nursing home, where's he's lived for two years due to medical problems that often restrict him to a wheelchair. He's set up his On-Air show without any background in broadcasting:

There is not much furniture, so Warren often sits on his twin bed to host the show. His desk is a thin sliding table, the kind designed to hold a food tray in a hospital. On it, he keeps everything he needs to do the program: headphones from his X-box and two laptop computers, one with a broken screen.

After airing four days last week, the show garnered 2,356 listeners. It's a humble audience, but a significant one in a search where every listening ear and willing volunteer counts. Warren has also found positive responses after launching a Facebook page dedicating to finding Relisha. He also plans to organize a search and to hold vigils for her in the near future.

The sincere Warren explains his efforts best:

“We got to find this baby, y’all,” the show’s host, Keith Warren, says the night after Young breaks down. “We got to find this baby. Seriously, it’s hurting us all.”

Warren has proven that this town isn't ready to give up on Relisha. To help out the search, go to Warren's fundraising page. With only $60 raised so far, any little bit can go a long way.