Obama's Solution to Border Crisis? Lie Harder

Posted: Jun 10, 2014 10:00 AM

Waves of young migrants are flooding the southwest border of the United States causing a "unprecedented" "humanitarian crisis" that President Obama's administration is completely unprepared for.

But Obama should have been prepared because it is his own immigration policies that caused this crisis.

Specifically, his June 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, which granted "temporary" legal status to illegal immigrants under the age of 31 who first entered the country before they turned 16.

Everything about the policy was a brazen political lie from the beginning. Why was it only available to people under 31? Why was it only available to those who entered the country before June 15th, 2012? Why was it only good for two years?

The answer to all those questions was that Obama needed to do something to motivate Latino voters to go to the polls after Obama completely failed to make good on his 2008 promise to pass immigration reform in his first year as president.

Obama calculated that if he could grant legal status to just this narrow sliver of illegal immigrants, Latinos here in America would believe he cared about them, but Latinos throughout Central and South America would not figure out that Obama had no intention of deporting anyone.

But Central and South Americans quickly figured out Obama was lying. If he had the power not to deport DACA eligibles illegal immigrants, he has the power to not deport anyone. So families started swarming to the U.S. The number of unaccompanied minors who cross the border illegally doubled the year Obama announced DACA and is set to quadruple this year.

Asked yesterday how they plan to address the crisis, Obama's new spokesman Josh Earnest said the administration planned to stress to migrants that they were not technically eligible for DACA.

“I think one thing that we can do is to be as clear as possible about the law and about what the consequences are for making a decision like that,” Earnest said. “Those individuals are not eligible for the deferred action, executive action that was announced a couple years ago,” Earnest said.

But when asked if Obama would deport those children arriving today, Earnest equivocated. “The law does require that we render assistance to those children and that is a process that begins with DHS when they are detained,” he said. “And then they go through a process to determine whether they are going to be sent back to another country, how they’ll be sent back to another country, or how that process is otherwise resolved.”

In other words, "Keep on coming, Obama will let you stay."