Charlie Gard's Case To Be Reconsidered By Court

Posted: Jul 07, 2017 6:30 PM
Charlie Gard's Case To Be Reconsidered By Court

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children is going to give Charlie Gard a second chance and is reconsidering their decision to remove his life support, and has filed to the High Court for a new hearing.

In a statement released on Friday, the hospital said that international hospitals have informed them about potential new treatments and that they will "explore" this new evidence. In the meantime, Charlie will be kept on life support.

We have just met with Charlie’s parents to inform them of this decision and will continue to keep them fully appraised of the situation.

Two international hospitals and their researchers have communicated to us as late as the last 24 hours that they have fresh evidence about their proposed experimental treatment.

And we believe, in common with Charlie’s parents, it is right to explore this evidence.

A week ago, Charlie's life support was scheduled to be removed against the wishes of his parents, who raised money to take him to the United States for an experimental treatment. The European Court of Human Rights ruled that it would not be in his best interest to go to the United States, and ordered that his life support be removed. The hospital then delayed that decision last week.

Since then, there has been an uprising of support for Charlie and his parents, with President Donald Trump as well as Pope Francis offering to assist them and to care for Charlie. Great Ormond Street Hospital, however, has cited legal concerns as for why they would not permit Charlie to leave the hospital. This new statement, however, is certainly a positive sign.