Artists Are Asking Ivanka Trump To Take Down Their Artwork From Her Home

Christine Rousselle
Posted: Dec 22, 2016 11:55 AM
Artists Are Asking Ivanka Trump To Take Down Their Artwork From Her Home

A group of artists in NYC are demanding that Ivanka Trump remove pieces of their artwork from her home. They are upset to be associated with the president-elect in any way, and that includes via artwork.

The artists have also started the not-at-all-creepy "Dear Ivanka" Instagram account, which calls on her to stand up to her father and enact progressive policies.

A sample post:

Dear @ivankatrump, Is it strange to feel that the press is always watching you? That there is some kind of vested interest in your foibles, both real and imaginary, past and future? It must be a lot of pressure to leave your house everyday and know that the phalanx will be waiting outside, looking to either applaud your chicness or rip your seeming indecision about who you actually are to shreds. We here at Dear Ivanka receive our fair share of hate mail too, and we just wanted to reach out and commiserate. We want you to know that we are with you every step of the way. The difference between us is that we refuse to normalize the rhetoric of your father’s shit-show administration, we don’t feel like smiling at the camera or waving at reporters, we don’t feel like pretending that nothing is wrong. We want to get to know all of you- negative, positive, embittered, angry, suffering, pleading, and hopeless. Who is in the bubble? We are both from New York, Ivanka. But we aren't a parade of billionaires and oil men. To all of those who think that parroting Donald Trump’s appalling vitriol is going to muzzle us, we have news for you: we won’t stop, we won’t be silenced, we will not accept fascism as the natural political transition from one administration to the next. We are not partisan. We are here, Ivanka, and we’re not going anywhere. Sincerely, HALT #ivankatrump #noliberaltears

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Ivanka has the right to display whatever art she'd like to in her private home. The artists, of course, have the right not to sell her pieces of their artwork. It's petty to the extreme, however, to complain about someone displaying artwork that they purchased. Trump was elected president. This is a hard reality for some people to grasp, but it is reality.